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Thermex Microwave:

Our Thermex product line includes Microwave Ovens, Microwave Dryers, Continuous Microwave systems, Batch Microwave Systems, Traveling Wave Applicators and custom-built Microwave Systems.

Experienced application engineers are available to answer questions concerning your application.  Thermex Thermatron, LP can demonstrate how 65 years of experience can benefit your heating application.  We will analyze your product and its requirements. Thermex Microwave Systems are designed around your specific process to give you the advantage over conventional heating methods.

  • Higher throughput – Conventional heating methods heat from the outside in, relying on the conduction of heat to reach the center of the material being heated.  Microwave energy heats throughout the material increasing throughput as much as two to three times.

  • Superior Quality Product – Because Conventional heating methods require higher external temperatures to heat the center of the product, the surface can become overheated reducing the quality of your product.  With microwave energy, there is no excessive external energy applied to the surface of the product.  It is heated evenly throughout producing a superior quality product.

  • Greater Efficiency – Thermex Microwave Systems are 80 to 85% efficient compared to much less efficient gas-fired or other conventionally heated ovens.

Give us a call to exlore the viability of using Microwave technolory on your applicaiton.

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