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A vibratory bowl is the heart of a vibratory feed system. Random bulk parts can be placed into a vibratory bowl and they are oriented and discharged to the customers specified rate and orientation. Vibratory parts feeding systems are custom-designed and tooled to feed specific parts. Each application uses standard, off-the-shelf components as building blocks for the system.

Standard components of a vibratory feed system may include:

  • Table mounted vibratory hoppers or floor elevator hoppers provide bulk storage of parts, and automatic metering of parts, into bowl feeders.
  • Vibratory inline (straight line) tracks, inclined gravity tracks or horizontal belt conveyors provide for transfer of oriented parts between feeder bowls and customer equipment.
  • Escapements or part isolation mechanisms will isolate parts for customer assembly operation.
  • Standard sensors control the quantity of parts in vibratory bowls, tracks and conveyors.
  • Multiple sound abatement options are available, including various bowl coatings and complete bowl enclosures.
  • Standard feed rate control packages are available.
  • Base plates and tables  can be supplied with all components mounted for a turn-key installation.

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